Claims handling – Liability


What to do when a potential claim has occurred?

The insured

  • Please inform the third party that you have taken out a Public Liability insurance policy. If possible, please preserve the original condition of the site where any damage or injury occurred to assist the investigation of the circumstances by the insurance company, as well as providing any evidence available to prove the cause and extent of the damage (e.g. photos, witness statements, etc.)
  • In case of injury or illness please provide for urgent medical assistance to be made available
  • Please take full details of the potential third party claimant
  • Without the prior consent of the insurance company do not acknowledge or accept liability for full or partial claim for damages, nor make any payments as compensation
  • Please report any potential claim to the insurance company without delay

The claimant

  • If possible please preserve the original condition of the site where the incident for which you are seeking redress to assist with the investigation by the insurance company
  • Also, please provide evidence to prove the cause and extent of your loss e.g. photos, witness statements , etc.). Please take all possible measures to mitigate your loss and to prevent any further deterioration taking place.
  • Please ascertain who is responsible for the damage and without undue delay raise a claim for damages against them. A claim for damages may not be raised directly against the insurer of the third party against whom you are claiming, and the insurer is therefore unable to provide details of the insurance policy in place.
  • Once the claim is registered, the insured shall receive details of the claims reference number either by e-mail or by Telephone.
  • If you have received from the insured the data required for the reporting of the claim to PREMIUM IC (pobočka poisťovne z iného členského štátu) including the number of the insurance policy, identification number of the insured and other data required for the reporting of the damage you may be the first to report the damaging event. Please notethat if the insured failed to report the damage the claim adjustment may not be pursued.

What do I need to report the potential claim?

  • The insurance policy number against which this claim will be registered
  • Details of the circumstances leading to the claim
  • Extent of the damage including an estimate of the potential costs.
  • Identification number of the insured
  • Identification number of the third party

Based on your report the claim will be registered on the claims system and you will be notified of the claims reference number by e-mail or by Telephone.

How is the claims adjustment processed?

  • Once registered ,as outlined above, the claim is entered onto the claims system and the claims reference number is notified to the insured via e-mail or by phone. The insured is thereafter contacted by the claim adjuster.
  • According to the type and extent of the damage the insured will be contacted by a claims technician to arrange an inspection of the damage, to discuss the circumstances of the incident or to request any additional documents to facilitate the claims adjustment.
  • Once in receipt of all necessary documents the claims adjuster shall assess the claim and calculate an appropriate settlement figure. The insured shall be notified in writing once the claims adjustment process is completed and on the method through which the claim will be settled eg payment into a bank account).

If following a review of the circumstances surrounding the claim, it becomes clear that no settlement is justified, the insurance company will, in writing, notify the client on the results of the claims investigation and provide an explanation as to their decision to decline the claim.

Documents to download


Reporting a claim is quick and easy using our Online Claim Reporting website. The claim will be registered in real time in the insurance company’s system and you’ll immediately receive the claim number allocated to your claim.

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