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The PREMIUM HOME 2020 Portal, through which you have taken out property and liability insurance for individuals, will be operational until 28 February 2021. We kindly ask you to complete by this deadline any ongoing offers and payments with regard to draft insurance policies. As of 1 March 2021 the product will be out-of-operation. We have replaced it with an innovation that you will definitely like. The new PREMIUM HOME 2021 offers a unique range of insurance risk coverage, the so-called ALL RISK, the basic price of which includes a number of benefits and, of course, you can take it out via PREMIUM PORTAL 2021, mobile phone or tablet. The new product includes construction, household and third party liability insurance. You may insure flats, family houses, cottages, buildings under construction, outbuildings and garages up to the amount of EUR 3,000,000, households up to the sum insured of EUR 1,000,000. As regards liability for damage resulting from ownership of real estate, or liability insurance for damage caused by household members, indemnity limit of up to EUR 500,000 may be selected.

The PREMIUM 2021 PORTAL is the gateway to products which, with their unique philosophy and scope of insurance coverage are to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients. The portal currently offers two basic products - property and liability insurance for small and medium-sized businesses - PREMIUM Business and Property and liability insurance for individuals - PREMIUM Home. Both products are characterized by a 360° cover, the main purpose of which is to prevent any rejections of indemnity claims. From this perspective, it is a unique approach to clients. Intuitive calculator, the start of insurance upon payment of the premium or assistance services are a matter of course as is the quick adjustment of insurance claims. Individual approach tailored to clients for whom the regular limits and scope of coverage are not sufficient is also a market above- standard. If you do not have access to the portal, please contact our sales department