Claim settlement


To settle claims we cooperate with TRACK CLAIM SLOVAKIA s. r. o., which carries out some of the actions that are part of our settlement service through its own suppliers and service technicians. They have had many years of professional experience in claim settlement and use a cutting-edge information system that records all the actions related to the individual claim. This makes it possible for PREMIUM Insurance Company customers to track the status of their claims online.

TRACK CLAIM SLOVAKIA s. r. o. provides the following services when dealing with a claim:

  • claim registration
  • claim investigation
  • photographic documentation
  • the request and collection of documents necessary for the settlement
  • calculation of the value of the damage
  • administrative processing
  • claim file compilation

Based on the documents received from the claim investigation carried out by TRACK CLAIM SLOVAKIA s. r. o., the PREMIUM Insurance Company assesses the eligibility for settlement of the claim and carries out the payment of the claim settlement accordingly.