In its insurance products, PREMIUM Insurance Company Limited offers insurance coverage, which already in the basic package provides the client with wider insurance coverage than is usually available on the insurance market. The product portfolio of the insurance company focuses mainly on business entities for which the insurance company offers a wide range of insurance products in the area of property and liability insurance.


Companies that have more than 51 employees, their turnover is over 10 million euros, or require insurance of special risks, are in the insurance company regarded as corporate clients. We offer such companies a wide range of insurance products that take into account our long-time experience in the domestic and international environment. Each insurance offer is individual, taking into account the specific requirements of each client.

Portfolio of insurance products for corporate clients:


For small and medium-sized businesses, the insurance company offers the insurance product PREMIUM Business. It is intended for legal entities such as joint stock companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, cooperatives, municipalities, but also for natural persons engaged in business, such as sole traders, self-employed farmers or the liberal professions. The insurance provides complete coverage of insured risks which the business may face. In addition to standard property, movable property insurance and the related wide range of suplementary insurance subjects, it also provides insurance protection in the event of business interruption, insurance of transport and technical risks. Within public and product liability insurance, it also offers liability coverage against damage resulting from property ownership, environmental liability and directors and officers liability insurance (D&O).


The PREMIUM insurance company also bears in mind the requirements of ordinary consumers - natural persons, to whom it offers property and household insurance as part of the PREMIUM Home product. It is a complex product, which in one insurance policy offers a wide coverage for real estate, garage, and nearby structures as well as for household and its equipment. As part of the insurance, it is possible to arrange coverage for liability for damage resulting from ownership of property and liability for damage caused by household members.


The PREMIUM Residential Buildings product offers a solution for administrators of residential buildings and associations of owners of  residential and non-residential premises. It provides a wide coverage of subject matters of insurance and insured risks to which the owners of flats and non-residential premises in residential buildings may be exposed. The product is designed to comprehensively cover any  damage which may arrised from property insurance, machinery breakdown and electronics equipment insurance, but also to liability insurance - the insurance covers liability for damage caused to third parties as well as to each other among owners.