Goods in Transit Insurance


Goods in transit insurance is insurance coverage of movable property during their transport, which is performed by the insured. The insurance is subject to the condition that the transported property is owned by the insured, in its authorized use or taken over by him on the basis of a written contract or order for the purpose of providing services. At the same time, the vehicle used for the transport is owned, co-owned by the insured or in its exclusive use. The insurance provides the client with protection in the event of natural hazard insured events, vehicle accidents, or thefts and robberies. The insurance also covers temporary storage or provision of alternative transport of cargo in the event of traffic accidents where the vehicle has become immobile. The insurance also covers the costs of removal of the remaining insured cargo after the insured event.

In the basic coverage, we provide wider territorial validity than usual and we cover the transport of cargo in the territory of the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Poland. According to the specific requirements of the client, we can provide even wider territorial validity. This insurance does not apply to consignments transported under contracts for carriage of goods with a carrier or forwarding contracts.


Basic insurance coverage 

The basic insurance coverage covers goods in transit in the events of damage caused by the following natural hazards specified in the policy:

  • fire
  • explosion
  • hail
  • avalanche
  • crash or fall of a flying object with crew
  • tumble of trees, poles, and other objects
  • flood
  • direct lightning strike
  • high winds
  • volcanic eruption
  • inundation
  • earthquake
  • landslide, collapse of rocks or soil
  • traffic accident investigated by the police competent according to the place of occurrence of the insured event

Advanced insurance coverage

Advanced insurance coverage provides protection against all natural hazards within the scope of the basic insurance coverage and, in addition, the insurance is extended by the following risks:

  • breaking and entering into the vehicle, including damage to the cargo in direct connection with the breaking and entering
  • vehicle theft
  • theft in direct connection with the traffic accident of the vehicle
  • robbery

Special insurance coverage

Special insurance coverage covers damage, destruction or loss of the insured cargo caused by the insured event, which is not excluded in the insurance terms and conditions or insurance policy, it is the so-called all-risks insurance. This insurance cover provides for the goods in transit the widest protection.

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